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Defective car components may be factors in motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

Personal injury attorneys build motor vehicle accident claims for their clients through researching who was at fault in a serious accident.  Sometimes in motor vehicle accidents, a negligent driver is not the only responsible party.

Car parts may fail during an accident, too. For example, exploding airbags can spread shrapnel and injure car occupants, or electric car brake lights may fail to light up, failing to give the driver behind time to take evasive action.

You may choose to file a separate lawsuit against the carmaker for a defective car part if it caused or exacerbated your crash. To win a product liability case, you must prove that the part’s design or production was faulty and caused or contributed to your accident.

Automotive parts recalls and product liability

Automotive part recalls can play a role in a potential product liability case. Federal regulations require auto manufacturers replace or repair a recalled part. Manufacturers are also responsible for making efforts to ensure impacted vehicle owners receive notification and that recall information is widely available. If a recalled automotive part was involved in your car crash, you should know:

You can still sue the manufacturer of a defective product, even though a recall exists.

Conversely, it is important to be aware a recall also does not, by itself, prove your claim.

If a recall was instituted but not widely enough publicized, you may be able to show the manufacturer failed to adequately warn you about the dangerous part.

Holding the negligent driver AND auto manufacturer accountable may be possible

An experienced motor vehicle accident attorney will build a legal strategy to ensure your recovery is everything it can be. They can substantiate and document the money you will need to mend physically and emotionally, as well as money needed to cover medical expenses – which may be ongoing and long term – and replace lost income from work.

There are many factors involved in product liability auto accident claims. An experienced motor vehicle accident attorney will consider them all to help make your claim as strong as possible.