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Achieve The Best Possible Results For You And Your Kids

Going through a custody dispute can be emotionally draining. You feel worried about the future, unsure whether you will get to spend enough time with your children. You do not have to go through a custody battle alone.

At The Thompson Law Office, LLC, we make sure to treat you with compassion during this process. At the same time, we fight aggressively to obtain the best possible solutions for you. We try to make the legal proceedings as stress-free as we can. That way, you can focus your attention on what matters to you most: your kids.

How Do Louisiana Courts Decide Custody?

Every family’s circumstance is different. Family courts do not use one particular formula to issue one-size-fits-all decisions. Several factors will impact your family’s legal matter, including:

  • Your relationship with your child
  • Your ability to care for your child
  • The location of your residence
  • The history or presence of substance abuse or domestic violence

There is no way to predict your outcome with any accuracy based on this list. To get a better idea of what you can expect, consult The Thompson Law Office, LLC.

Don’t Let Criminal Charges Affect Your Custody Rights

Criminal offenses can have a significant negative impact on your custody and visitation schedule. For example, DUI or DWI charges may lead a judge to believe that a parent will not drink and drive responsibly with their children. Our attorneys can help you uphold your rights as a parent. We will do everything that we can to get your charges dropped, reduce the charges against you or minimize the penalty. Then, we will tell your story to help the court understand that you are a responsible parent who deserves custody.

Schedule A Consultation To Talk About Custody

Our team at The Thompson Law Office, LLC, is here to help you so that you do not have to handle a custody dispute on your own. Contact our office in Lafayette to schedule an initial consultation about your situation. Call 337-534-8761 or send us an email to reach us today.