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Is joint custody right for you?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Divorce

As parents going through divorce, you want what is best and most stable for your child. This extends to the type of custody you opt for.

Joint custody successfully serves many families all across the nation. Though it does not work for everyone, its benefits are vast and well-documented.

Joint custody study results

Forbes discusses the prevalence and popularity of joint custody as an option for divorcing parents. This option serves as a focal point of studies spanning decades and the entire globe. Over this period of time, the studies slowly but surely revealed that children in joint custody situations have numerous benefits that children in sole custody situations do not.

This includes the earlier formation of healthy coping mechanisms, a better understanding of interpersonal relationships and healthier relationships lasting from childhood to adulthood.

These children also had a lower rate of reported mental health issues as tied directly to their parent’s divorce. This includes anxiety, depression and certain stressor and trauma-based issues like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Looking for other options

As mentioned, it does not suit every family. For example, if one parent lives far away due to uncontrollable circumstances like military duty or incarceration, this may not work. The same goes for a parent facing accusations of abuse or neglect. It is best to keep the child away from that parent until the court case gets settled.

But in situations where parents can feasibly make this work, joint custody serves as a potential boon for children of divorce. It is an option parents should take into consideration.